Residential Shoring

DHP Contracting offers advanced shoring detail when required for infill lots that are close to adjoining properties. Most often the close proximity to a neighbouring home as well as soil type will determine if shoring detail needs to be installed prior to the excavation and construction of a new home or addition.

The installation of shoring will help with the following:
• Eliminate undermining of existing footings or foundation to the neighbouring properties.
• Protect the landscaping from neighbouring properties from caving into the excavated site.
• Provide proper safe working conditions for work site area.
• If the distance between two homes is to close then there is no other way to safely excavate and construct besides an existing building without the installation of shoring.
• Local building officials will ask that there be engineered shoring in place before any construction takes place.
• Shoring is required by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) for any excavation over 4 feet deep. It is used to temporarily support the earth from falling into excavated areas.

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