Wood burning Pizza Ovens

DHP Contracting offers custom built wood burning Italian pizza ovens to compliment your outdoor living experience. Wood fired brick ovens and pizza have been with us since the dawn of civilization. These original style pizza ovens are excellent for cooking virtually anything that can be cooked in an ordinary oven, including pizza, roasts, Focaccia, vegetables and a wide range of breads. The versatility of the oven allows you to cook at high and low heat and excels at roasting and grilling.

The oven is very efficient at holding very high temperatures required for cooking traditional three minute Napoletana style pizza. The construction and make-up of the oven enables it to be very efficient at burning wood while being able to hold and sustain heat for long periods of time. These ancient ovens were used inside shops and homes years ago and to this day are still built using the same technology that had made them timeless for centuries.

These ovens are ascetically pleasing and create a unique and memorable cooking experience for you and your guest. The food created by these ovens creates some of the most delicious and unique flavoured foods you will ever experience!

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