Outdoor Living and Entertainment Areas

Enhance your leisure, entertainment and cooking experience with our wide range of outdoor designs. Outdoor living is not just about the landscape, it involves detail in regards to outdoor Cabanas, hot tubs, grills, bars, fireplaces and more.

The Indoor niceties that we have become accustom to on the inside of our homes are now available to the outdoors. Entertaining outside can become more functional and appealing than ever before.

With the hustle and bustle in today’s society dual income families are finding it tougher to get away and relax. The ever present call of the office makes quality vacation time more important, yet a still suffering economy and the rising cost of travel make getting away from it all harder to do. This is where DHP Contracting can help create the perfect outdoor living space for you. Let us create your own staycation, one where all you have to do is walk out your back door and enjoy the relaxing pleasures you so deserve!

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