Insulated Foundations and Floor Slabs

DHP Contracting offers advanced and superior building practices that offer a high level of efficient and cost effective means of keeping your home warm. The efficiency of your home starts in your basement as is why we implement specific insulation practices in order to keep your basement environment a healthy and comfortable one.

Slab insulation:

A correct installation involves insulating the under-face of the slab, and also the slab edge (perimeter insulation). See images showing these methods.

Slab insulation in cold climates allows significant annual energy savings. Concrete under slab insulation can reduce heating bills by 10%–20% in cold and moderate climates.

Walls and slabs for cold climates:

Above and below grade walls and slabs are one of the prime elements in controlling moisture, heat, sound, short/long wave radiant energy and contaminants such as odors, gases and particulates. In cold climates walls and slabs should be built to encourage drying year round, retaining heat in winter and preventing over heating in the summer. Practices that eliminate thermal bridging when insulating foundation walls and floor slabs are extremely important and have a great effect on the overall efficiency of the home.

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