Custom Kitchens Designs

DHP Contracting is a company dedicated to quality, creativity and innovation in the custom Kitchen arena. Working with our Design & Architecture team we have seen the demand for Custom built kitchens become a major focal point and feature item in most custom home and renovations projects today. The creativity of today’s architects and designers has created an ever changing landscape in the kitchen design industry.

With over 27 years’ experience as a custom builder we have had the opportunity to design a wide range of kitchens in our homes over the years. We are well experienced to collaborate with our customer in making their unique kitchen ideas become a reality. Working from as little as a hand sketch or rendering to a complete set of plans. Whether indoor, outdoor or a combination of both DHP can assist in bringing the beauty into your living space.

Whether it is new construction or renovations DHP Contracting has the expertise and knowledge to design whatever your needs may be. It is something we have done for many years and will continue to do so for many more. Let DHP contracting help you design the home that will give you and your family comfort and security for a lifetime.

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