Barrier Free Homes and Designs

The times are changing and the need for Barrier free custom homes and renovations has never been greater. The truth is barrier free homes and renovations have generally been designed for people who have some sort of disability and needed a means to be able to move about the home in a user friendly and safe manner this will always be the case and DHP works hard to create the designs to accommodate those individuals. We are also finding a trend towards our aging population that desire more of the barrier free features in most of the homes we build today. We are finding that the first time home buyers desire something built that will satisfy their long term needs without having to move or make major changes to their home.

The truth of matter is most home designs do not require a great deal of extra cost when it comes to barrier free features if the design and work up front is completed during construction and not after. Especially when you are talking about features like wider hallways, lower door thresholds, custom switch and receptacle heights, wider doorways and home designs that tend to keep most living area on one level. Not to say that multi-level homes cannot be designed to be barrier free because they can. There are many more common features in place today that allow a multi-level home to be barrier free, for example elevators, stair lifts and platform lifts to name a few.

Some of the features available in our custom homes and renovations are as follows.
• Low threshold doors for easy access.
• Lower height wall switches and higher receptacles for easier access.
• Custom kitchen cabinetry with roll under counter space.
• Accessibly appliances i.e. Wall hung ovens, dishwashers and roll under cook tops.
• Wheelchair ramps and decks.
• Elevators with automatic door openers and built in safety features.
• Chair lifts
• Stair lifts
• Ceiling lifts and hoists.
• Hard floor surfaces for wheel chairs and walkers.
• Non slip textured flooring in foyers, bathroom and kitchen areas.
• Barrier free bathrooms with roll in showers and custom lifts and grab bars.
• Therapeutic features like spas and swimming pools.
• Wider doorways and hallways.
• Lever style door knobs and faucets.
• Emergency backup natural gas generator systems.

Whether it is new construction or retrofit DHP Contracting has the expertise and knowledge to design whatever your needs may be. It is something we have done for many years and will continue to do so for many more. Let DHP contracting help you design the home that will give you and your family comfort and security for a lifetime.

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