Our Radon Commitment

What is Radon?

Radon is an ordourless, colourless, radioactive gas that is formed naturally by the breakdown of uranium in the soil, rock and water.

Radon Sources

Uranium is everywhere in Canada, so Radon is everywhere in Canada. Radon is in soil and rock, and travels through rock cracks and soil pore spaces. Radon can enter houses through cracks in the basement sub-slab or walls that are in contact with soil. Gaps at floor/wall joints or through porous concrete block. Open sump pits, openings around utility penetrations and floor drains. Emission from water (particularly ground or well water)

Radon Health Effects

The World Health Organization estimates that 10% of all lung cancers are caused by radon exposure. Health Canada estimates that 14% of Canadian lung cancers are caused by radon exposure. Radon is considered to be the second leading cause of lung cancer, after smoking.

Indoor Radon Concentration

Radon levels and migration of Radon are unpredictable and vary greatly moving beneath the layers of soil by traveling to low pressure areas. This unpredictability is why Radon readings in neighboring homes can be totally different from each other. In the heating season Radon tends to migrate to lower pressure areas like your basements. Therefor the Radon levels are generally higher in the winter time because the windows are closed and the ground is usually frozen so the gases are not able to dissipate to the surface.

The Canadian guideline for radon in indoor air is 200 bq/m3. The Health Canada guidelines require that homes with levels over 600 bq/m3 are to be remediated within 12 months, while homes with levels between 200-600 need to be remediated within 24 months.

What will DHP Homes be doing to address this issue?

DHP Homes as of February 1, 2016 have taken a proactive approach and will install Radon mitigation Systems in all of our New Homes and Additions. DHP will offer Radon mitigation systems as standard building practice in all their Homes and Additions. In doing so we can make sure that we continue to offer our customers not only a safe, efficient and affordable home but one that is environmentally responsible. Our commitment is to collectively work with our fellow builders and building officials to make sure that we can provide a lifestyle of comfortable healthy living that will be a good sound investment for your family’s future.

Our philosophy is simple, our commitment is to you and your home!