Our Building Process

Building Process

The process of taking your vision and making it a reality is critical to the success of the project. We think you should have some idea of what it’s all about and what to expect before you jump in.

First, understand that your project is a team effort. We work hand-in-hand with you to guide you through the complexities of the construction process.


Initial Consultation – There is no charge for our initial consultation. We discuss the size and nature of your project, examine the space, talk about your special wishes for the project and discuss styles. We also fill out a profile sheet in regards to the types of finishing, products and styles that you desire allowing us to get a feel for the type of home your desire. By filling out these profile sheets it enables the home builder to give a more detailed and accurate estimate thereby eliminating any surprises. We will also want to know if you have chosen an architect or designer or wish to use our in house design team.. Many projects are designed in-house. A written estimate will be provided.

Design – Once a contract is signed the home owner has access to our in house design team Coordinating efforts between yourselves and the design team keeps the design process running forward, allowing for the smooth transition of changes to the design. Once the final design and plans have been completed, the customers will be required to examine the final plans and sign off as per their acceptance. Customers will be given a complete set of plans including all specifications, elevations and floor plans.

Bidding – We rarely bid jobs: we provide a budget. Here’s why: Bidding is an inexact, often misleading, process for the homeowner. Read the article on “Choosing a Contractor” for a more thorough explanation Because there are so many variables among contractors, the customer never gets to comparison shop. So what do we recommend? Find a contractor with an impeccable reputation, who will provide you with references and who genuinely understands your vision, and make your choice before you begin the design. However, if your project requires bidding or if you’re more comfortable with the traditional bidding process, we will gladly comply.


Detail gathering – We will take measurements and do drawings, or recommend an architect depending on the type of project, so we can calculate everything from the amount of materials to how much time it will take.

Selection – Once the contract is signed, the final drawings completed and signed off, the customers will meet several times with our in-house design staff. Our staff will walk you through all selections, set up appointments with our suppliers and provide personalized support throughout the entire selection process.


Duration – We make every effort to be efficient and to complete the project within the estimated timeline.

Disruption – We go to great lengths to minimize time delays and disruption to your home when doing renovations or building new.

Safety – We adhere strictly to Health & Safety Guidelines and Ministry of Labour standards for your safety as well as ours.

Communication – We communicate with you every step. If you have questions, we are available to answer them. In fact, we encourage you to speak up and to let us know of any concerns or questions. If you need assistance or guidance with decisions, we are ready to share our experience and professional judgment with you.

Customer Care

Permits – We take care of all the appropriate permits, licenses and inspections for you.

Walk-through – After completion of the project, we do a final walk-though/inspection with you.

After care – We give you information on warranties and care and maintenance for new furnishings and finishes. We promptly respond to any questions or problems long after completion.

Availability – We are available for any questions or problems you may encounter after our work is done.